The Event Professional

I have qualified success as an Event Operations Manager and possess an organized and detail-oriented work ethic. As a Freelance Event Manager, I have planned and executed hundreds of corporate and private events, ranging from large-scale meetings to intimate private functions. I have overseen all aspects of event planning for corporations and individuals. This work ranges from finding appropriate venues to event logistics to onsite event management. My experience with financial and contract management is exceptional. During my career in the UK event industry, I oversaw many events, both large-scale and small-scale. I identified ancillary revenue sources and various cost-saving opportunities for clients with limited budgets. I am known for my ability to stay within the parameters of my clients’ budgets, thus ensuring their satisfaction.


The Photographer

I was born in Hungary, studied IT and worked in tech sales before, immigrated to the UK, where I completed my MBA in Business Management. After several years of work in business, I realised that I found one of my passions in my hobby as a creative street and event photographer. Without formal photography education, I started my career taking images of buildings and people on the streets of London. The city provided me with the perfect practical zone to improve my photography composition skills and to always find something new to take photos about. Converting most of my images to black and white format, gave another perspective to my work as I found using these monochrome tones and techniques to be much more timeless in my pictures than coloured ones. Later, I started photographing events mainly in colours with great joy on every occasion. I find peace and self-expression in photography for myself and for those who love my images.

We need to find a way to express our feelings and visions about our lives, surroundings and other people in this rushing world. Abstract, architectural, events and street photography is my way of art for self-expression.”

“I have never thought that once photography became so important in my life. It is not just a hobby or job for me but motivation, creativity and cure. Seeing the world through the lens and trying to catch the perfect moment in different scenarios take me to another dimension, take me to a different world. The world I compose for myself and others. Illusion or reality doesn’t matter, just the enjoyment of taking pictures. I feel lucky to have this creative art in my life.”


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